Get rid of the ridiculous fake!

Published by Gollum on

“Quite honestly, I am tired of having men stare at my chest. I know my breasts look artificial and I’d like to find out what my options are to reduce their size or possibly, get rid of them completely. I agree with you that when it comes to breasts, natural is far better, although when I was younger and a bit more vain, having the implants was important to me.”

“I am 23 years old and had a boob job 5 years ago. Honestly I do regret it, they do look fake and one of them is totally to the side giving it a total gross appearance.”

“I don’t even really need them, I’m happy with my B-cups, I just thought that with bigger breasts I’d be more feminine; but now that I take a step back and look I see that that is ridiculous.”