Testimonials – Don’t do it!

Published by Gollum on

“I have had breast implants for 16 years and in the last 6 months my right breast is starting to harden, and hurt…. The Dr. that inserted my implants was a true professional… and they pretty good. I agree with you, MOST do look terrible. Still, if I had to make a decision to do it now, I wouldn’t. Whenever anyone asks me about it I say DON’T DO IT.”

“I think my niece will be bitterly disappointed when her world does not change because her boobs are bigger.”

“It sorta does get boring to see women with implants. I was thinking how can they afford to get those implants with all the MONEY they have to spend on them. I just want a woman that loves me and I could love her right back, and I need a woman I can hug without her tits getting in my way.”