The whole industry of breast augmentation is a savage ❤

Published by Gollum on

“I feel the whole industry of breast augmentation is a savage, mind twisting attack on the female form, that has women falsely believing that it is through choice and independence that they can be whatever they want to be, and if that means having breast implants then that is a sign of their personal power and choice.

What choice and what power? What kind of world do we live in if in order to prove our choice and power we have to pay thousands of dollars, subject ourselves to the knife, and feel unattractive if we do not have the stereotyped breasts that are pushed into our faces day in and day out? …

There is so much censorship. Censorship in that the only breasts we see are fake ones. It is disgusting — every cleavy, busty woman on the front of a magazine has implants.

It is so very rare to see real breasts that I think a lot of women have just forgotten what the real ones look like and just how amazing they are.

Give me real breasts on the front of covers, women portraying their real sensuality or be it sexuality, not pumped up, faked come on poses to men, that insults all our intelligence.

How can anyone take these pumped up lips, boobs, hair, cheeks, as real desire and allure?

And it is not just that, but it is the lies around breast implants: women denying that they have had surgery, committing themselves to a lifelong lie about something that is integral to who they are as a woman.

This I find the most disturbing. I am a woman, this is my body, these are my scars, this is who I am, my physical form of who I am. How Could I Lie About That? But these women do, and in the same breath they preach about choice, freedom, rights, even integrity. And then go on to fake orgasms, fake desire, pose in ways that they think men want to see and deny themselves of the opportunity of finding that burning femaleness deep within them.”