CSV is standard† filetype, a textfile with values separeted with commas ( Comma Separeted Values). This kind of file can be used/imported to a database for further use. The “E” stands for Extended and means that it also contains information about the path where the file should be stored. The “+” means that the CSV also contains the id and the names of the collection/gallery/set. In ECSV+ this means that you don’t have to type in anything, the CSV do the job for you. If you use Hunter it works like any ECSV-file.

Final CSV means that it has reach the storage limit (4.5-4.7 Gb). Ongoing does NOT mean the site is still updating, it only means that it has not reach DVD storage limit. A Dvd may be marked as ongoing but the site does not update any more. I will try to mark sites as closed when I know they are not updating any more (or if they are recycling sets).

Major Sites is shown as a submeny!