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ECSV+ is a CMP (Collection Managing Program) that helps you keep track of all your pictures, original scans or pictures collected from other sources with the help of CSV-files.

CSV is standard filetype, a textfile with values separeted with commas. This kind of file can be used/imported to a database for further use. The E stands for Extended and means that it also contains information about the path where the file should be stored. The + means that the CSV also contains the id and the names of the collection/gallery/set.

This file format is not standard but is backward compatible with any other CMP (the ID information is in the comment field). The benefit is that with a ECSV+ file and ECSV+ you don’t have to type a single letter to organize the pictures, just import the CSV and the pictures.

  • Let a CSV-file organize your collections or organize it yourself
  • Integrated search function
  • Link sets to other galleries and pictures to other sets
  • Copy galleries to other collections (sets are linked in, galleries are created)
  • Span collections on several drives and discs
  • Create HTML from collections ans galleries (including ZIP for each set)
  • Handles duplicates on picture level (only one file even if it’s in several sets)
  • Batch Rename, Convert, Resize, Rotate, Flip, Mirror, Overlay Picture, Overlay Text and Crop images.
  • Save as, Overwrite, Paste to/from clipboard
  • Import, Verify, Compare, Create CSVs and save as ZIP CSVs
  • Moves pictures to the right folder when importing pictures (if using a CSV)
  • Save Index on disk or create and upload on the fly
  • Picture viewer and Compare picture viewer (Ctrl+F12). This also shows GIF-animated pictures.
  • Built-in upload preparation (use yEncPost for actual upload)
  • Upload history is Stored in database. Press Ctrl+H to view history
  • Email pictures with ability to change size/convert picture
  • Keywords and text on each picture/set/gallery
  • Create new sets/galleries from search result (F4)
  • Create filtered out sets from Keyword Select
  • Internal webbrowser, MS IE3 Active X! 🙁
    works perfect for shemale model database though!
  • Internal disc burner supports all known disc formats (with wizard to guide you)
  • Tested on a database with more than 15 millions pictures
1. Picture OCX (Active X)

The picture OCX (Active X) refused to selfregistrer and Installshield could not extract the com information. So just install this OCX with it’s own setup. This OCX is mandatorian for ECSV+ to work!

You have to install this before installing Ecsv+!

2. ECSV+ Setup.exe
  • Uninstall any previus installed versions of ECSV+. Reinstallation does not alter your shortcuts or any data! Updating is 100% safe!
  • At the first start you will have to create a new database. Just chose (and create) the folder where you want to place your data and the click the “New”-button.

Known issues:

Installation does not create any shortcuts, Installshield made them point to the wrong startfolder. Just rightclick Ecsv+.exe and db_fix.exe, in the installation folder, and chose to create a shortcut on your desktop or whereever you want them.


Always download the latest version if you experience any problem!


  • Added system node for “Filtered out Pictures”. Watch/Filter will hold all sets filtered out with “Keyword Select”. System nodes works like all other nodes except that they can’t be deleted.


  • This is a Critical update! You must update! Corrected an error where, sometimes, linked sets where not deleted when the original set was. It also, in some cases, caused new duplicate sets to be deleted when they should not. As a sideeffect, this update makes deleting a set MUCH faster. Install this version and do a “Cleanup Database“.


  • Trying to send email do not crash the program, it just gives a message that there is no MAPI-Client installed to handle the request.
    WLM (Windows Live Mail) does not act as a MAPI-Client, this means that you will get a message when trying to send email from ECSV+ Mozilla Thunderbird do! and so does MS Outlook. If you are using this function make sure to install Thunderbird.
  • Before you had to set focus on the node tree and press Alt+P to edit the path for that node. Now Press Ctrl+P anywhere in the program to change a node path
  • Ctrl+B now toggles between Thumb Pane/Web Browser
  • Added some more intelligense to drop down list for pasting sets: It now puts the latest/actual name in front and all A.K.A behind.
  • When uploading a set; The datetime() was not stored. You can keep the database as it is!
    Visiting the Upload History will only show a entry with NO datetime, all uploads resides inside this. Pressing Ctrl+H on gallery will still show that the set is uploaded.
     To get rid of this problem for all; Delete all uploads (in Upload history) prior to your latest update and Clean Up the database. But it is NOT nessecery! You can keep it as it is!
  • Minor changes to import function; Sometimes the UnZip OCX can’t handle the zipped file. Just rightclick the zipfile and chose “Extract here” or the like. The images will appear when you close the “chose zip-file-window”.
  • When adding a new gallery or set the previus nodes was not loaded, just the new one. This caused an error later on. Now this is fixed.
  • Optimized “Cleanup Database”. Now much faster.
  • Fixed problem with showing the left-off node at startup
  • Now thumbnail are made at 175 x 175 p. This makes thumb pane more easy to view. You can chose thumb size from 50-175px. You can also chose another size for thumbnails when uploading indexes.


  • Minor update; When importing new or updating CSV all Set-Id is now reset to random ID. That is default. This means that if you reorganize the sets they will keep there ID.
  • When setting a TOC-picture it is now resampled to a smaller size. This will save a lot of disc space in the TOC folder
  • In some rare situations the gallery (model) notes where copied to the set you where pasting, now fixed!
  • When creating index (upload) now background colour is default to a colour that is not jpg-transparent.


  • Changed the index for upload history. After install do a “Cleanup Database” and restart the program.
  • Minor changes in “Upload History”. It is now possible to minimize upload table and still be able to see the result afterwards.
  • Added support for animated GIF. Select the picture and press Ctrl+F12


  • When creating indexes, the header of the index can now be much longer than the name of the index, up to 8-9 pictures wide. They are separeted in the program. The indexes are now much easier to read.
  • Some fields are no longer valid when uploading. They are invisibable at the upload window!
  • Since uploading is now handled by external program (yEncBinPost) unnessecary fields are removed from tables; upload and profile. The fields will be dropped at startup.


  • Added a new menu item under “Recover”, – Open Autocomplete Table! This makes it possible to clean up entries in fields that use the Autocomplete function. Som entries are obsolete, some are wrong spelled and some are just duplicates. Now you can get rid of those entries.
  • Added an option to exclude the creation of NZBs when preparing an upload. When uploading with a “needed csv” creation of NZBs is disabled.
  • New algorithm when creating a new collection is MUCH faster then before
  • When uploading small sets (<10 pict) no_idx, no_nzb and no_bodytext is default


  • Fixed a bug when uploading files from several selected sets without creating index, they all got the same subjectline. Now fixed!
  • Fixed a bug introduced by this update when refreshing node-list 😬
  • Pressing Esc in Upload close that window


  • Whenever wieving a set, the bmp-thumbnails will be deleted if there is a jpg-thumbnail available. Since the bmp is 4-5 times larger it will save some space on your HD. The jpg is also created at 175px instead of 100px.
    You can also recreate the thumbs by pressing Ctrl+F2, that will also delete the bmp-thumb
    If there is only a bmp-thumbnail available it will be kept, so no thumbs will dissapear!
  • Bux fix when creating new collection (resizing miscalculation)
3. yEncBinPoster

If you want to upload pictures to any newsgroups you need yEncBinPoster.

ECSV+ rely on this program to handle all uploads. Install this, open system properties in ECSV+ and point to yEncBin Poster.exe.

Open yEncBin Poster and enter your server, username and password.

Also open “Upload” (Ctrl+k) and go to the “Profile” tab and enter the information needed. Note that most of the needed fields are now handled by yEncBinPost.

Uploading should be done from the Models Gallery or else the below information is unvalid!
If you collect sets in any other way, you have to examine the possibilities by yourselve (endless)!

Right Click in the field “Body Comment” to insert fields from the database. You can enter any text in this field and combine them with fields from the database to create a body text. This will be uploaded as Bodytext.txt before Indexes and pictures.

Below is an example:

Set Name: <Name>
Keywords: <Key>  – Displays all keywords connected to this set
Set Rating: <Rating>/5
Model Name: <GName>
Model A.K.A: <Gaka>
Model Rating: <GRating>/5

Model Notes:<GNotes>

Social: <GNet>
See More: <www>


Place any text in here. Unlike Body Comment you can not insert anything from the uploaded set or Gallery. This is pure text!